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 Kaos/Gm application

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PostSubject: Kaos/Gm application   Thu May 26, 2011 8:05 pm

Main Character : Kaos

Years playing Mu : Ive been playing MU for 4-5 years

Communication/Help : I speak the English language very good so i guess i can communicate easy.As for the help i am very kind (i think :p) when i have time i always help others and don't mind helping with any problem they have. Smile

Experience : Unfortunately a GM experience none.If you accept me as a Gm it ill be the first time for me as a GM but i know a bunch of stuff about MU and im a fast learner.
I have experienced through the years Spamming,Hacking(i tried it once to see how it works so i can understand it),Cursing ,disrespecting and many more!I can easily find a solution for players that apply this kind of stuff in the MU and it wont be a problem for me
I am talking honest now and i hope you can accept me...You wont regret it Very Happy
Oh and one more thing it would be nice putting an unexpirience player with an experienced so he can gain the experience he needs to be a GM at any other server if he gets banned or somthing like that from here
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Kaos/Gm application
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