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PostSubject: FO BOW PROBLEM   Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:30 am

ddragonfly wrote:
Ok the problem looks like this. I started plating a elf 2dday and got myself a Kentauros Bow FO from webshop.
MFW I noticed that the bow doesn't work.
What i mean is the trippleshot skill doesn't fire arrows.
I know some of the basic bows work (trie'd them out) and didnt find any of the extra bows that work.
Now her's my question.
Is ther any way to go past the 3shot bug or is the bow useless and i can sell it to the npc? (Hope not cuz then i'd like a refund and that would be a real pain in the... you know where Twisted Evil )
Oh and yea i dont have 5shot cuz its kinda hard to drop so i dounno if that works lol.

Posted yesterday but no reply bout it. Any info would be nice tho ;]
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