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 New Webshop is Bug ...!!!

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PostSubject: New Webshop is Bug ...!!!   Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:54 pm

I buy 3 Gloves FO , and pay Credits for 3 items , But Webshop not Add items for me
I buy 1 items in webshop and pay Credit for 1 items , after i refresh Wesbites , And Webshops give me more 1 items and will get out my credit , and i refresh and give me 1 and and get out my credit,...TT__TT , i lost 20.000 Credit, but i not have items..
I pay 4.000 Credit For 1 items and chose 1 socket option , But webshop give me items no have socket
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New Webshop is Bug ...!!!
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